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Google Planning To Replace Android OS to His New OS.

Fuchsia OS

google upcoming new Fuchsia operating system

Hey guys today i am telling you about google new operating system Fuchsia. Yes google is announce a new operating system fuchsia. and google launching this OS very soon. this operating system is not only for smartphones, even google planing to use this operating system to all of yours device like, Computers, Smart TV cameras and many other gadgets. this operating system is a multi-device operating system, It means you can easily connect device to your another device. and data transferring is also faster then today, And the biggest thing is you can run any android apps in fuchsia OS. Google is develop this OS. Google want to replace this Fuchsia OS to Android OS and This is the new plan of google for 2019. according to sources google launch this platform in july 2019.

fuchsia os is the new os

Hopefully, Google share more information about FUCHSIA OS Soon.

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