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How to Change mobile number in SBI Bank account

Change Mobile Number In SBI Bank Account

How to Change mobile number in SBI Bank account,sbi mobile number change,
sbi mobile number change

Method 1. Visiting nearest branch.
              2. Through internet banking
Method 1. Write a letter to account manager
And mention update a mobile number or email address.

Method 2.Change of mobile number through Internet  banking
1. internet banking username, can change his /her mobile number online without visiting branch.

Step by Step Process:-
Login to OnlineSBI https://retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm

1.Go to 'Profile' tab.
2.Click on 'Personal Details' link
3.Enter profile password
If u change E-mail address than click below the email address link.
If u change mobile number than click below the mobile number.
Here 4 option to change mobile number.

(A). If u select change mobile number though branch. Than u necessary visit nearest branch having mobile number change form after downloading.

If you don't have Internet banking user name and password

This video helps to register your Internet banking user name and password

  (B). If u select Change Mobile Number-Domestic only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Centre)'.

Than follow

5.Input 'new mobile number'.
Input Re-input 'new mobile number'.
Click on 'Submit' button.
A pop-up message 'Verify and confirm your mobile number xxxxxxxx6799' will appear on the screen.
Click 'Ok' to proceed.
A new screen with following three different modes for approval of change of mobile number will be displayed.

(i).By OTP on both the Mobile Number
(ii)IRATA :- Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM
(iii)Approval through Contact Centre

Select any one option as you possible.

If u have old link mobile number and new mobile number than  select option 1.
If link mobile is lost than select option 2 or 3
In the next screen, State Bank of India's Payment Gateway will be displayed.
Enter the card details (card number, valid thru/Expiry Date, Cardholder's Name, PIN and the characters visible in the box).
Click on 'Submit' button.
Verify and Click on 'Pay' button.
On successful validation, the following message will be displayed
"Thanks for registering mobile number with us. The status of your request is pending. Kindly complete the registration process according to the option selected by you.

If u select option 1 than follow...

(i). By OTP on both the mobile number:- If you have both  old and new mobile number,

then the mobile number change can be approved using OTP. Than u receive OTP on both mobile and than You need to send SMS from BOTH (old and new) mobile numbers to 567676  in massage typein  following format ACTIVATE <8 digit OTP value> <13 digit reference number> to within 4 hrs.
e.g. ACTIVATE 12345678 UM1205150123
And you received massage
Your MobileNumber successfully updated.Your ReferenceNo is:UM457890050.

You can also read

how to activate new ATM Card and set ATM pin Through Internet banking:

 If you don't have old mobile than follow...

(ii) IRATA : Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM :-
If u already select this option 'IRATA : Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM'. Than follow
A SMS containing "Reference No. for Change/Update mobile number is : UMXXXXXX6809 and your IRATA reference number is XXXXXXX5799" will be sent by INB system on your new mobile number.

visit any State Bank Group ATM, swipe your card, select the 'Services' tab and input your PIN.
Select 'Others' tab on the ATM screen and choose 'Internet Banking Request Approval' option.
Entre 10-digit reference number for approval of the request.
On successful completion of the process, the request change of mobile number.thane u received this massage
Your MobileNumber successfully updated.Your ReferenceNo is:UMxxxxxxx50.

(C) Approval through Contact Centre :-

If u select this option than u receive this type massage
 "Reference No. for Change/Update mobile number is : UMXXXXXXXXXXX"
Than Bank's Contact Center person will call you within next 3 working days on your new mobile number only.
And Kindly verify some information about  you and  reference number

And most important do not share reference number with anybody.

Contact Center will verify your identity over call by asking certain information.
After the verification of some information, the new mobile number  successfully updates.

Note - if contact center not contact during 3 working day than u request again same process.

View Status & Cancellation of Request:- You can view the status of your request of updation/change of mobile number through INB.
If you want to cancel the request, please click on 'Cancel Request' tab and choose the request
Profile section.
Click on 'Cancel Request' button to cancel the request.
A message 'Your Reference Number UMxxxxxxxxxx is successfully cancelled'.

This video help to change your mobile number in SBI account

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