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How To Verify Your Blog On Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster tool is free tool provided by google for verify your website and blog on google search engine. You can analyze your website and blog through google webmaster tool or google search console. You can track your website and blog performance, search preference, crawl rate and many more thing. If you want to submit your blog on google webmaster tool you need to follow few step given below.


  • Step 1:  Open your browser and type Google.Com and search Google Webmaster tool 
  • Step 2:  Click on open google webmaster tool 
  • Step 3:  Login Google Webmaster Tool with your gmail account
  • Step 4:  You see add property option on your screen
  • Step 5:  Paste Your Website Url On Text Bar and Click on Add Property
  • Step 6:  Open Your Google Webmaster Tool Dashboard 
  • Step 7:  Go To Setting of Webmaster Tool 
  • Step 8:  Click On Owner Verification: You See 2 Verification Methods for Verify Ownership 
  • Step 9:  Click On Verify by HTML Tag: Copy Your HTML Tag 
  • Step 10: Open Your Blog and Open Theme 
  • Step 11:  Click On Edit HTML 
  • Step 12:  Now Search for the code <head> and Paste HTML Tag Below of Your <header> Tag and Save The Theme 
  • Step 13:  Then Go Google Webmaster Tool Click on Verify.
All Set you successfully Verified your ownership and Submit your website or blog on google. 

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