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Nokia N9

Throwback Tech Thursday: Nokia N9’s Weird Selfie Camera Revisited

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It was the year 2011 and Nokia was as yet the biggest telephone producer on the planet. Android was simply getting some footing however the Finnish mammoth was all the while adhering to its very own Symbian OS. With its piece of the pie decreasing, Nokia chose to evaluate another OS called Meego. This brought forth the unparalleled Nokia N9 – the first and the last financially accessible Meego cell phone from the organization, all gratitude to its freshly discovered association with Microsoft's Windows Phone OS.

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While many know the N9 as a flopped however delightful telephone running Meego, there was one element that we as a whole may have missed. On this day, we investigate the abnormal optional camera of the Nokia N9. It could have been one of the first cell phones to really include a base right corner forward looking camera. Certainly, the motivation for Xiaomi's first premium full-screen cell phone, the Xiaomi Mi MIX.

In 2011, when selfies were not actually developed (I mean promoted), it was just an auxiliary VGA camera with almost no reason. Actually, in the event that you read a GSMArena post about the Nokia N9, you would see that many didn't comprehend what it was at first. 

That is to say, you can't accuse people in 2011. Selfie cameras were not standard in those days, and the arrangement was the most irregular of all. Without leaksters like Evan Blass or Roland Quandt or Steve Hmmerstoffer (OnLeaks) in the business, almost no was thought about a telephone before it was propelled. Truth be told, even after a telephone was declared, there would in any case be a couple of subtleties that were left unrevealed. So you normally needed to trust that an audit will know precisely what's going on with everything!

Letest nokia mobile

Another feature of the N9 was, obviously, its Meego OS. While the working framework didn't generally get on, it was unquestionably path comparatively radical. Everything in the OS was signal based (what we call swipes today), fundamentally the same as what we find in Android and iOS cell phones. It's extremely a disgrace that the OS didn't get on, most likely on the grounds that it didn't have any solid benefactors. Indeed, Intel backed it for some time, however Intel wasn't into making cell phones. Nokia dumped Meego after the N9's discharge and changed to Windows Phone. 

After the Nokia Lumia 800's discharge – its first Windows Phone-controlled cell phone, the finish of Meego was near. Google was supporting Android while Microsoft was supporting its very own Windows Phone stage. With these two monsters concentrated without anyone else working frameworks, barely any other person could have endure. What's more, today, we are left with Google's Android commanding a noteworthy piece of the cell phone space pursued by Apple's iOS.

Along these lines, in this scene of Throwback Tech Thursday, how about we recall the Nokia N9, not similarly as the first and last Nokia telephone with Meego, yet in addition as the motivation behind the amazing Xiaomi Mi MIX arrangement's camera situation! 

In spite of its terrible destiny, the Nokia N9 was certainly relatively revolutionary! What are your contemplations?

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